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It's nice to let yourself be carried along by events from time to time. Take it easy with the Polter Race as a bonus gift as soon as the purchases you make between October 9 and 15 reach a total of 6,000 OG!

Stop chasing shadows, even if it's one that belongs to an ultimate boss! Stop bending over backwards trying to enter the dungeons of Mount Zinit! And should you need to flee, at least it won't be as fast as your legs can carry you. Calmly travel the World of Twelve, being effortlessly carried along to your liking by those most-obliging Polters, who ask for nothing but that!

Until 11:59 PM CEST on Monday, October 15, win a race… to the Shop! Get the Polter Race as a bonus gift as soon as your purchases during this period reach 6,000 OG.


  • Secondary Running items are linked.
  • The offer includes purchases paid for in Ogrines, but does not include the purchase of Ogrines themselves.
  • Services and Booster Packs in Ogrines are part of this promotion, for example you buy a Hero Booster 30 days (6,500 OG) plus a costume (2,000 OG), you will then receive the item in your Gift Box.
  • You can view your purchase history in the account management page.
  • The offer is not available when sending a gift to a friend.
  • The offer is valid only once per account.