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网页商城新上架沙滩礼包,售价9.99欧元。无法用水晶购买。礼包内容:30天GOD WIP ,制造采集加速药水*1,沙滩时装(男/女不同效果)*1,如果不会购买礼包的可参考本站礼包购买教程。


Who would plan a trip to the beach without a good solid bag to carry their stuff? With the Beach Bag included in Update 1.60, there's no telling how much tanning you'll get in. What is certain, however, is that it will be very useful, maybe even indispensable when facing new challenges!

Whatever the challenges may be, a warrior can't neglect rest. The Bathing Suit is the perfect thing for relaxing with friends and kicking your feet up. Its retro look will surely evoke plenty of memories... before reality catches up with you. You're there to rebuild the World of Twelve, remember! Now get to work!

All jokes aside, the Beach Bag includes the Exceptional Artipotion and a 30-day Gods Booster so you can't stay there vegging out. So go dig up a boss or two. A little exercise won't do you any harm!

The Beach Bag is available in the Shop for €9.99! Get to it!