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礼包内容:小爱鱿宠物(LV50 3暴击 60远程伤害),沙堡时装,夏日沙滩棉球造型外观

Since the last update devoted to the divine dimension of Osamosa, the god of fauna is everywhere! Oktapodas, the underwater counterpart to Osamodas, seems to have been the inspiration for this pack with its intoxicating scent of salt water, sunscreen and creamed Shushus. Hurry up and grab it while you can!

Summer is coming, and you've got just one goal in mind: lying around on sandy beaches, eating ice-cold sorbets and sipping Suxxors on the Beach until you can't see straight. And… let's be honest here… Summer is also a time for hookups. And just between us, your weird Grawny looks and Sauroshell tan may not be enough to get that cutie to give you their number. But if you hit the beach riding a creature made of sparkly seashells with an adorable miniature Kralove in tow, well, THEN you'll be picking up good vibrations for sure!
From now through Wednesday, August 19, you can pick up the Shells and Crustaceans Pack in the Shop. This pack contains:
A Kralocupid pet,
A sand costume,
And a mount skin made from the World of Twelve's loveliest shells, most of them taken from Otomai's island.