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The gods were jockeying to be the star of a pack in Descendre, and Sadida wasn't about to stand there like a boring flowerpot with both feet in the same stocking! He's making leaves grow in the second god pack, available until December 19!

After Xelor, it's Sadida's turn to make Descendre a magical month! "If you go looking for trouble, you'll find it" is what he usually says when people meddle in his affair. But, inspired by Ecaflip, he decided to put on a kind act and let you rifle through his pack:

  • King of the Forest Costume
  • Amalia Finisher*
  • Sadida Haven Bag Kit
  • Aboon Pet
  • 7-day Hero Booster
  • 3 x Mineral Tower Tickets

Until Tuesday, December 19 11:59 PM CET, the Sadida Pack is waiting for you in the Shop for €15!