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If you like clowning around, aren't afraid to look silly, and tend to spread laughter and joy wherever you go… maybe you should join the circus! Oh, and incidentally, maybe you should pick up the Motley Costume, which is clearly made for you.

Wearing the Motley Costume, you'll look like an absolute photometeor. Wait! Don't take that the wrong way! It's not an insult… Quite the opposite! It means you'll be dazzling, sparkling… in short, a real rainbow of exuberance. That is… more so than usual, of course!

The colors of your Motley Costume – with six in all – will automatically match your character's. It can be purchased with real currency, and for just 2,300 OG, for two weeks (until Wednesday, June 23 at 11:59 PM Paris time). After that, they'll be permanently available for sale in the shop, but for 2,500 OG.