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Are you about to go rifting in Update 1.73? Wait a minute! Before jumping into the adventure, you should get the Eclipse Pack, which will turn you into the latest phenomenon everyone'll be talking about!

Simply by being there, some adventurers manage to make everyone forget that others exist. You know, those irritating people who have such an innate aura that when you're near them, they simply outshine you…

If you're not already one of them, now you can be! The Eclipse Pack is guaranteed to increase your power of attraction, so much so that you'll undeniably become the center of the Krosmic universe!

You can get it now from your WAKFU shop for 9,000 ogrines or for real currency until the next update. It contains:

  • a 30-day God Booster,
  • an Eclipse Costume,
  • a Clipsis Skin (linked to the account),
  • and an Eclipse emote.

Hurry and get it before it vanishes!