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即日起至2021年11月24日止 商城上架月映礼包 售价5800水晶  之后会拆开卖

礼包内容:月映服装 2500水晶,月映宠物皮肤(账号绑定) 3000水晶,月亮表情 2500水晶



Not long ago, we gave you the chance to get a Solar Pack to brighten up your long, hard days as an adventurer. Today, the Sun is taking some time off so we can shine a light on the Lunar Pack, which is available now from your WAKFU shop!



From now through Wednesday, November 24, the Lunar Pack will be available from your shop for real currency or for 5,800 ogrines.

Shroud yourself in an aura of mystery with the Lunar costume, leave everyone starry-eyed thanks to the Moon emote, and treat your faithful pet to the mystical Lunar skin.

Starting from Thursday, November 25, the Lunar Pack's three items will be available individually – 2,500 ogrines each for the costume and the emote, and 3,000 ogrines for the pet skin.