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GOD WIP *30天(价值9500水晶)

毒草娃娃宠物 (草药收货+50%)


绿色生长 表情




Ah, springtime… Trees don cute little buds. Plants shyly blossom. Temperatures get milder. Adventurers take off on their doll dragoturkeys, a Satchull pet on their lap and ready to slaughter a few gobballs

Father Kwismas has barely left, and the Spring Festival is already in full swing. A phenomenon of the new Krosmic calendar that only Magus Ax would be able to explain, but which does not seem to disturb his desire to celebrate!

Spring Has Sprung is in full swing, and you feel the urge to fight Occult Cult members growing inside you like an exuberant seedling. Well, go on, for pity's sake!* But first, be sure to pick up the Spring Pack.

It contains:

  • a 30-Day God Booster
  • the Satchull pet (new)
  • the Doll Dragoturkey skin (new) (linked to accound)
  • the "Green Thumb" emote (new)

This pack can be purchased from the store through February 5 11:59 PM (Paris time).

* This outdated expression was once used by Enutrofs.