2018年05月18日 沃土新闻 暂无评论 阅读 1,568 次

5月18日-21日,游戏内与网页商城出售时法跑步姿势(所有职业都能使用) 售价5000水晶。 账号绑定不能出售。


There's not much point in racing against time – unless you've got Xelor on your side! WithLevitation Run, don't run, levitate! Discover this unparalleled feeling: Until May 21, the Levitation Run can be bought with Ogrines in the Shop.

Say goodbye to worn out soles, blisters, and corns! Teleport in style and bask in the admiring looks (and maybe more) that the Xelor run will earn you. And you won't be stuck with two left feet: You have until Monday, May 21 11:59 PM CEST to buy the Levitation Run in the Shop for 5,000 OG!

This offer is one that's sure to have you floating on air, so don't miss it!