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即日起至2018年1月8日,植物之神/时法之神/刺客之神 三种礼包打包卖,其中英雄WIP一个月 矿物塔门票*10,其他内容和之前单卖的一样。 售价35欧元 大概280RMB左右。关于如何购买礼包请参考本站礼包购买教程


We've all heard of the Three Tenors, the Three Little Pigs, the Thwee Kings, and so on. To end the month of Descendre in style, the three gods that fought for the limelight in recent packs have decided to join forces for an exceptional tour! Find them in the Mega Pack until January 8!

The Sram, Xelor and Sadida packs all together in one Mega Pack: Kwismas magic is going to strike again! And hard! Faced with your opponents, never hold back: Set the record straight and show them what you're made of before finishing them off with a fatal blow that will leave them just bones!

Your most valuable ally? The Mega Pack containing the following:

  • 30-day Hero Booster
  • 10 Mineral Tower Tickets
  • Night of Times Costume
  • Xelor Finisher
  • Xelor Haven Bag Kit
  • Noxine Pet
  • Great Sneak Costume
  • Sram Finisher
  • Sram Haven Bag Kit
  • Crobak Pet
  • King of the Forest Costume
  • Amalia Finisher
  • Sadida Haven Bag Kit
  • Aboon Pet

The Mega Pack will be available in the Shop until Monday, January 8 11:59 PM CET.

Treat yourself to the Kwismas you deserve!