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There are those adventurers who leave the sour smell of a long day of fighting in their wake. And then there's you. Well, I mean, and then there could be you! What would you say to spreading flowers by the dozen with every step you take, like a messenger sent to spread loooove and peace in the World of Twelve? With the Botani'Run, you can!

Summer's over in the World of Twelve, too, and adventurers' sad, gray faces leave no doubt about it. Thousands of thrilling adventures await them, but some will need a little time to shift gears from their dreamy memories of idyllic beaches, refreshing cocktails, and holiday romances… Luckily, a brand new run is here to brighten up this sudden, cruel return to reality!

Today through September 10 at 11:59 PM CEST, the Botani'Run will be a bonus gift with any purchase of a pack of 13,000 Ogrines or more. This run will let you spread the most beautiful flowers the Krosmoz has to offer all around you.

It's enough to leave even the god Sadida breathless!