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A new class is sniffing around the World of Twelve. Their name – Ouginaks – might throw you off the scent and their puppy-dog eyes might send you barking up the wrong tree. But don't be fooled, they are from a ferocious pedigree and the definition of carnivorous!


Ouginaks are warriors and close-combat specialists. They have padded around the World of Twelve accompanied by their faithful Bow Wows and gradually become experts in aggressive tracking and ambushes. Drawing on their Rage in fights, they can transform into Were-Ouginaks to harness their primal instincts.

With a range of expert defensive skills, they can deal damage by turning the situation to their advantage, and they are especially deadly when targeting a single enemy, even while in the thick of the action.

This is thanks to an arsenal of skills making them highly mobile on the battlefield while hindering their enemies' ability to move. When the time is right, Ouginaks can pounce on their Prey and go in for the kill before moving onto the next target.


This active spell of the same name is used to select a Prey from among the enemies on the battlefield. Making the right choice is crucial because there can be only one selected per team. Furthermore, the Prey can escape from this state if it manages to get far enough away from the Ouginak.

It's therefore important that Prey is cast on the target to make the most of the most powerful additional effects in the Ouginak's arsenal of spells.


An Ouginak casting the Prey spell



This is an Ouginak's most precious resource. To increase their Rage, Ouginaks need to use elemental spells. Each time one is cast, Rage increases by an equivalent amount to the spell's AP and WP cost.

We decided not to link this resource to a characteristic bonus to ensure it is only tied to the Ouginak's play cycle. Therefore, the decision to consume Rage or not comes with less of a penalty.

Rage is actually not directly consumed by casting a spell. It is just the condition for launching the 3 elemental spells that transform the Ouginak into a Were-Ouginak: use of these spells requires a minimum level of Rage.

Once transformed, the Ouginak continues to generate Rage because it is also a specific active spell which is consumed to heal the Ouginak. After the Were-Ouginak has transformed back, Rage resets to zero and a new play cycle starts.

The Ouginak's Rage level increases by casting a spell


After transforming into a Were-Ouginak, Ouginaks gain bonuses to Resistance and Damage.

However, mobility is reduced and so this needs to be offset by various mechanics set up before or during transformation.

There is a specific spell in each elemental branch used for transformation. On top of their base effects, each spell carries a particular bonus during transformation.

The Water branch spell heals the Ouginak, the Earth branch spell adds Armor, while the Air branch spell increases its Critical Hit chance.

Because the cost of each spell, the level of Rage required and the transformation bonuses are all different, it is important to choose wisely when selecting which spell to include in your deck and when to use it.

The transformation lasts until the end of the Ouginak's next turn. This means there are 2 turns in the transformed state.

One of the spells used for transformation

As mentioned in the paragraph on Rage, it resets to zero after transformation ends so a new play cycle can start.

However, as this is not conducive to strategic play, the WP Regeneration mechanic is included in this cycle.

Unlike most class spells, Ouginak spells that need 1 WP have a low AP cost. An Ouginak can therefore consume all its WP in one game turn.

There is no active regeneration mechanic for WP. The Ouginak's WP are only returned at the end of transformation. Therefore, it is also important to choose wisely when selecting which spells to cast before and during transformation so as to make maximum use of Were-Ouginak bonuses.

Pro tip: items and gear with a WP bonus are particularly useful for Ouginaks。

Ouginaks lose Rage and regain WP at the end of transformation


Although some classes have the ability to steal health here and there, Ouginaks have an elemental branch entirely dedicated to stealing health. The Water branch allows them to heal themselves using the damage they deal to enemies.




Ouginaks can steal health

This is a great way to survive in the midst of melee combat. But that's not all!

Unable to protect all its allies effectively, Ouginaks play the role of an offtank. This means they are able to take a lot of damage if set up correctly.

This is where the Earth branch shines, with its control and generation of Armor!

Ouginaks are able to debuff their targets and then generate Armor by transforming or casting Brawl.

Bow Wows can also increase damage, Rage generation and the Ouginak's survival because this pet can sacrifice some of its Health Points to give to its master.

Add to all this the movement abilities and poisons available in the Air branch, and you have a very mobile and agressive character than can be in the thick of battle dealing out massive damage.



Ouginaks can attract targets around their Prey


Have you always had a nose for hunting? Do people say your bite is worse than your bark? Well now you can release your inner hound with our new class launching soon!

We are focusing on simple mechanics to create a melee class character that is easy to pick up and effective in combat.

We hope you love it! Chow chow!