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The next update is showing the tip of its snout, and it's sure to thrill everyone and their dog to say the least! Discover a preview of some of the sketches and drawings by the Ankama graphic team for the Ouginaks' future zone!

You must know by now that a new class is making its debut in the next few days – with shiny fur, sharp canine teeth and an unrelenting nose for fashion. The Ouginaks – these creatures made of claws and teeth – are debarking with the upcoming update 1.56. To welcome them in proper style, the members of Ankama's graphic team have racked their brains and called on their wild imaginations to get a cozy kennel perfectly suited to them ready.

Don't wait! Discover some of the sketches, drawings and artwork for this entirely new zone!

Licking your chops yet? Discover all this – and more ! – on the beta server starting this Thursday!