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网页商城新上架一个礼包,内容是:30天god wip,一瓶2小时勘探100药水,一件恶魔时装,售价12欧元



Starting today, a pack is coming to the shop to celebrate the imminent in-game arrival of your favorite heroes! The Brotherhood Pack will be available for €12 until the next update. Don't miss out!

No, Ruel hasn't had a youthful makeover, and Evangelyne, Yugo, Amalia, and Percedal haven't been overindulging in the latest Tropikoko Seed cream and Luxury Slobber from Aureole's. It looks more like Xelor's been playing with time a little, taking you into your favorite heroes' childhoods!

That's right: Starting today, you can find child versions of the heroes of the Brotherhood of the Tofu in the game! To mark the occasion, a pack is available in the Shop for €12! It will contain:

  • a Loot Potion,
  • a 30-Day God Booster,
  • as well as the Dame Echo costume!


That way, you can enjoy the charisma of Eniripsa's daughter – also Oropo's right-hand woman – whom you met in Season 3 of the series.

So stop waiting around and continue the adventure of WAKFU the series, available this week on Netflix, in your MMO!