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Two new Gobbowl costumes have hit the locker rooms. One smells of sweat, and the other… does too! There's something for everyone, and for every nose! Get the Referee Costume and the Cheerleader Costume in the Shop starting today through June 11.

Gimme a G, gimme an O, gimme a B, gimme a… TWO new costumes!

Today through June 11, you can wear your support of Gobbowl, the ultimate Twelvian sport! Whether you've always dreamed of handing out penalties and whistling non-stop, or of showing off your acrobatic dance moves, these costumes are for you! The best designers in the World of Twelve have come up with two new costumes for you: the Referee and the Cheerleader.

Get them as a bonus gift with any purchase of a pack of 13,000 Ogrines or more! 


  • The Referee costume is for male characters, and the Cheerleader costume for female characters.
  • Ogrine packs vary from country to country. The item appears in your basket before payment is confirmed.