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A new season, a new Shop, and a new Mystery Box: it looks like a fresh autumn wind is blowing through the Krosmoz! The Fall Folly Mystery Box is available today through October 10th. As for your Shop, it got a makeover just for you! (Re)discover it now!


The Fall Folly Mystery Box compiles various items that have been in the Shop the last three months. It's a second chance for those who were too busy to lounge on the beach, or who were so caught up in Season 3 of WAKFU the Series that they forgot about their favorite MMO!  

For those who don't yet know the Mystery Box principle, it's simple: open the box, and you'll win one of the items it contains at random! The Fall Folly Mystery Box features:

Common Items

  • Ember Island Costume
  • Patriot Costume

Uncommon Items

  • Mika-El Jakson Super Emote
  • Natroyal Costume


Rare Items

  • Wonder Costume
  • Black Iop Costume
  • King of the Forest Costume

On sale for 2,000 Ogrines, this Mystery Box will be available in the Shop until October 10th, 11:59 PM CEST.


But wait, there's more! Just like the autumn wind sweeps away dead leaves, Ounirom, Meridia of the Tides, decided to clean up the Shop with a thorough washing! The Shop has been redesigned to be more readable, and there's even a few new items.

Go take a look – you won't be disappointed!


  • After purchasing, you can find your Mystery Box at your pending gifts.
  • The items are not linked to the account.