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全服双倍经验 双倍采集制造 双倍掉落



需要注意的是 所有情况下 角色悟性和勘探上限均为200





The countdown has begun: Xelor is all wound up! While the god of time is making the final preparations for the big night of the Clockwork Ball, things are also getting festive in WAKFU! How would you like to start the year with some bonus XP?

Oh, how time flies… Do you remember when you started 2020 with plans in mind and dreams in your eyes (and bamboo milk in your belly too)? You've done great things since then!

Each day, your experience has grown. Each day, the World of Twelve has made you a more accomplished adventurer than the day before… but less so than the day after.

The gods are proud of you! To congratulate you on how far you've come and encourage you to keep it up, they have decided to give you a little reward… Just to round the year off nicely and start the new one with the will to win!

From 6:00 PM (server time) on Friday, January 1, through 11:59 PM (server time) on Sunday, January 3, enjoy a 100% bonus on combat XP, profession XP, and the base drop rate!

We wish you a happy new year 2021 that will be in your image! It won't be perfect, no… It will be better. Touching, spectacular, disappointing, fulfilling, annoying, surprising, awkward, exhilarating, or innovative, but still full of new adventures and discoveries!

2021 has many surprises in store for you…