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The Al Howin curse has struck again! Tremble before the Cursed Mystery Box and fear the Rage of a Boowolf equipped with the Anubis Harness! Not scared in the slightest? Then sneak off to the Shop under cover of darkness and try to get your hands on them before November 7!

How can you avoid a fiasco when faced with venerable mummies? One way is to ally yourself with their master, Anubis, protector of embalmers and master of necropolises! Or at least make them think you have… Distract them by equipping your Boowolf with the Anubis Harness, then rob them of everything, even their bandages, before they realize their mistake!

The Anubis Harness is available for 4,000 OG in the Shop until Tuesday, November 7 11:59 PM CET!

For each purchase of the Anubis Harness, the Tutaur'Kama Bedroom set comes as an extra until the1st of November 11:59PM CET! It will then be available for 900 Ogrines in the shop after this flash sale.

With all the dangers awaiting you during the Al Howin event, there's no reason you won't have a bit of luck all the same. If you want to be sure, discover what the Cursed Mystery Box has in store for you!
Common Items

  • Pumpkwin Costume
  • Lardevil Costume
  • Transparent Costume


Uncommon Items

  • Mummification Emote (new)
  • Pony Costume


Rare Items

  • Ravishing Costume (new)


The Cursed Mystery Box is available for 2,000 OG in the Shop until Tuesday, November 7 11:59 PM CET!


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  1. 不知足的群众

    团队等级。。1个角色达到30级也可以吧?但是商店看不到新坐骑= =

    • BP

      在官网的网页商城里才有卖,是坐骑装饰 不是坐骑,

      • 不知足的群众