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Forget the clouds and cold, here's a pet who'll put a smile on your face! Starting today until October 9th inclusive, make the most of the flash sale on Hippolyre and its Adventure Booster. This Riktus will keep you company with his songs all day long. Perfect for those who need a change from time to time!

A new pet has just danced its way into your shop: come and say hello the colorful and enticing Hippolyre!

Hippolyre is a Riktus like no other. And he works hard for our love! You've got to admit, this happy go lucky fella really wants you to like him. His secret weapon is a devastating smile, that he proudly shows off all day long. The other key to his success is a musical one: that of do, re or mi. That's because Hippolyre is the grand master of singing and lyrics! Sometimes happy, sometimes dramatic, and sometimes even romantic, this sidekick is very versatile.  Your enemies won't believe their ears...

Starting today and until October 9th at 23h59, Hippolyre will be available in a flash sale with the 7 day Adventure Booster, for only 6,000 Ogrines.

Don't miss out!