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即日起至3月21日,网页商城上架狂战之神礼包,售价20欧元(不可用水晶直接购买)。礼包内容:30天GOD WIP,宠物鬼斯通一只(LV50满级40勘探),狂战士主题庇护袋外观,狂战之神服装,狂战之神终结特效(购买绑定),矿石塔门票*3.



You've gone back to healthy habits in the month of Eniripsa, and enjoyed the gentle pleasures of Saint Ballotwine. But with Saint Potrick on its way, things are going to be a lot different! The new Gods pack is all about Sacrier.  It's about to get wild in the taverns!

The Sacriers are always ready to make tough sacrifices  – whether that means absorbing a round of hard hits, or enjoying a round of fine fermented beverages! And since they don't mind dishing out the suffering to their enemies either, they're ready to bring out their claws for the bloody brawls they'll be starting on Saint Potrick! So you'd better prepare for a few cuts and bruises!

What better way to get yourself in the spirit than with the Sacrier God's Pack? Open the pack, then close in for the kill!

  • 30 Day God Booster
  • Bloodshed Costume (changes to match the character's hair color!)
  • Goddess Sacrier Finisher
  • Ghast Pet
  • Sacrier Haven Bag Kit
  • 3 Mineral Tower Tickets

The Sacrier pack is available until Wednesday, March 21st 11:59 PM for €20!



  • The finisher is linked. The costume is unlinked.