Sun and clear skies are coming – the perfect opportunity to renew your wardrobe and… your pet “collection”! And that works out nicely: Your Shop has just received a new addition! Today through June 4, Tinystro will be available in the Shop for 6,000 Ogrines (or €6).

Smaller but just as sinister as its Sinistro peers, Tinystro has joined the already flourishing collection of pets waiting impatiently to be adopted. If his piercing eyes and gloomy song waking you every night aren’t enough to make you melt, then the 60 health points and 20 additional Force of Will points* that he’ll give you might just change your mind…

Beyond these purely practical considerations, you’ll only need a few minutes at his side to realize just what a jewel this miniature owl is. And he’ll be the first to throw stones at anyone trying to ruffle your feathers! Similarly, after a busy day full of adventures, when you’re on your last legs, he’ll be discreet and won’t knock them out from under you!

Hurry up before Tinystro spreads his wings and heads for other skies!

作者 BP


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