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That gait, those snorts, that smell… No question about it: It's a Gobball! Does it seem tickled pink? Of course it does: It's Saint Ballotwine's Day! And Saint Ballotwine is all about love – with presents and a special pack!

Novice adventurers will delight in discovering this blessed-by-the-twelve-gods time of year, and their elders will try to do even better than last year. And every single one of them will try to win the in-game gifts:

  • 4 achievements, with a title and an emote 
  • 6 consumables 
  • 2 items

And since time flies when you're very busy or madly in love, Saint Ballotwine is going to last until Monday, February 19 11:59 PM CET.

Which will give you plenty of time to take full advantage of the Saint Ballotwine Pack that will get your heart racing:

  • Saint Ballotwine Haven Bag Kit
  • Choubidoudou Stuffed Toy
  • St. Ballotwine's Day Cape
  • Consumables Pack
    • 1 × Flush Puppie: Prospecting (Lvl. 15) and Wisdom (Lvl. 15)
    • 1 × Cuddly Candy: Wisdom (Lvl. 30)
    • 1 × Cotton Candeh: Prospecting (Lvl. 20)
    • 1 × Bowmeowmallow: Bow Meow Transformation (15 minutes)
  • 1 Pet of your choice (tickled pink)

                  60 Health Points
                  20 Elemental Mastery
                  24 Lock

                  60 Health Points
                  20 Area Mastery
                  1 Control

                  60 Health Points
                  20 Wisdom
                  10 Initiative

  • 1 Emote of your choice

                   Blush with Delight
                   Butterfly Aura