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即日起至2月19日止,商城出售 献花互动表情,售价2500水晶。
Love is in the air, everywhere you look around… Who knows where yours is hiding? You wouldn't be the first to find it in WAKFU: many singles have already become couples, and babies have even been born thanks to the MMORPG. Is it your turn?…

That's right, Saint Ballotwine has arrived in game! Log in starting tomorrow to participate.

Adventurers of all kinds look forward to this time! They know they can collect a whole load of items from these creatures during this season: Sentiment Rings, Ballotwine Rose Candy, Bouquets of Roses and Chocolate Hearts will make them happy over the course of the fights.

Plus, by achieving Saint Ballotwine achievements ("Heartbreaker," "Hearty Gourmet," "Hearty Party Animal," and "Saint Ballotwine"), they can obtain the following rewards: the title of "Casanova" and the "Give A Kiss" emote. To do this, they'll have to kiss all the Ballotwine Gobballs, eat Caramels that aren't soft or launch Saint Ballotwine Fairyworks: nothing too complicated (even if it does require a certain courage to kiss some woolly, malodorous creatures).


If you connect between Friday, February 14 and Friday, February 21, at 10:00 AM (server time), at the end of the event, you'll discover a lucky surprise during this season near your character's name!

And if you feel like falling in love or just feel like expressing your love to your friends, the "Offer a Bouquet" emote is waiting for you in the shop until Wednesday, February 19 11:59 PM (Paris time).