【年费特权WIP】理性消费 买了吃亏

2021年05月13日 沃土新闻 暂无评论 阅读 791 次

即日起至2021年6月13日至,商城限时出售365天特权WIP ,售价47000水晶,相当于买10个月送2个月,平均每个月8.2折

优惠力度不是很大, 根本坚持不了一年都在玩。请理性消费


In fact, we already know the answer. And that's because you've been requesting it! Now your wish is about to be granted… WAKFU will indeed be testing the launch of a 1-year booster! Doesn't that sound nice? Ain't life just grand? Care to try it out? Are we asking too many questions?

For a while now, many of you have been asking for it. Clutching our ankles, sobbing and begging us shamelessly. Asking for what? A 1-year booster, for the Twelve's sake!

Yep, a booster that lasts an entire year. That's 12 months, 365 days, 52 weeks, 8,760 hours, 525,560 minutes, or a certain number of seconds – like sands through Xelor's hourglass…

This 1-year booster will first be available in a testing phase, which will go for a month. Depending on your feedback and the excitement garnered, we may or may not see it again in the prestigious world of boosters.

This 1-year booster is available for just €60 (or 47,000 ogrines). It therefore lets you save €12 (or 10,000 ogrines) compared to buying 12 individual 30-day boosters.

You have until Sunday, June 13 11:59 PM (Paris time) to test it yourself!