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6月27日-7月4日,菲卡之神礼包上架网页商城,售价20欧元,不能用水晶购买。礼包内容:菲卡之神动态时装,菲卡之神终结技能特效(账号绑定),矿塔门票*3,黄金古格宠物(LV50:60生命 20抗性 30锁定),菲卡之神庇护袋外观。



This month, Osamodas is slinking away to leave a space for one of his colleagues in Ingloriom.  And so it's the goddess of protection's turn to offer a pack to her loyal disciples! The Feca pack is available in the Shop from today until July 4. Don't miss out!

Are you one of the loyal protectors who serve the goddess Feca?  Well, it's time to find out what this new pack of the gods has in store for you!

  • Aegis Costume (new and animated!)
  • Goddess Feca Finisher (new!)
  • A Golden Croum Pet
  • Feca Haven Bag Kit (new!)
  • 3 Mineral Tower Tickets
  • 30 Day God Booster

The Feca God Pack is available in the Shop (in-game and on the website) until July 4 11:59 PM CEST, for just €20!