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从即日起至4月26日止,网页商城上架埃努卓礼包,内容包括:30天god wip,埃努卓神时装,使努福宠物(挖矿收获50%),埃努卓神战斗终结特效,埃努卓庇护袋外观,矿塔门票*3. 价格为20欧元 不能用水晶买



Enutrof or kamas, which came first? Legend has it that the god Enutrof minted the first kama ever on Aperirel 26. It's just a legend, but no one wants to risk annoying a god that's already grumpy enough, so he'll be celebrated in the new God pack, available starting today!

After the month devoted to Sacrier, make way for the shovel wielder! Because, if the Fabrikamation legend is true, Enutrof deserves a bit of recognition. And doing things by half is out of the question! This pack is worthy of the greats, notably with a new costume and a new Haven Bag, debuting in the Shop today!

Available through Thursday, April 26 11:59 PM CEST for €20, the Enutrof Pack contains:


  • 30 Day God Booster
  • Flamboyant Golden Dragon Costume (animated)
  • God Enutrof Finisher
  • Snoofle Pet
  • Enutrof Haven Bag Kit (animated)
  • 3 Mineral Tower Tickets

It's your turn to shovel like a god, the god Enutrof!