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At the beginning of 2017 we launched Mount Zinit, kicking off an epic campaign for the rest of the year. The arrival of Ogrest marked the end of this long journey, and to celebrate, we made a souvenir video to highlight your adventure to the summit!



The chapter of Mount Zinit concluded with Update 1.55, the arrival of the Ultimate Boss - Ogrest! It was an epic adventure spread out for the most part of 2017. It was an enourmous and long-term project for the whole team, and a perilous trip for you! You had to fight and improve your skills to move forward and climb to the top of the mountain.

And you succeeded with flying colors! Congratulations to all adventurers that have fought to the end, congratulations to those that fell on the ground and picked themselves up determined more than ever, congratulations to those that have uncovered all of Mount Zinit's secrets. A huge congratulations to all for facing all of the challenges Mount Zinit offered!

Even the mighty Ogrest had a hard time keeping up with you!


  • By the end of September, there were 26 teams that have challenged Ogrest.
  • Scores ranged from 328,208 to 2,506,956.
  • On average, you've made 1,444,603.12 damage.


  • By the end of September, there were 43 teams that have challenged Ogrest.
  • Scores ranged from 10,242 to 2,609,758.
  • On average, you've made 1,387,121.91 damage.


  • By the end of September, there were 47 teams that have challenged Ogrest.
  • Scores ranged from 38,725 to 2,241,945.
  • On average, you've made 910,513.19 damage.

Thank you for having us in your adventure! It's not over yet... we're still preparing a lot of surprises for you to discover in WAKFU, so don't rest too much on your laurels!


A special mention to the teams of Phaeris and Efrim that were first in their server to survive Ogrest but whose confirmation arrived a bit late for the video.


From the guilds: The Brotherhood Of The Tofu, Immortal Shoreline and The Gray Memory

Team Members:

  • glycinee
  • ppppanda
  • changfadaye
  • huahua01
  • antyrabbi


From the guilds: Unbreakable, Jesus É O Senhor and Anothers

Team Members:
  • FGrama
  • jota111
  • rafaelquatrini
  • manoelarthur

Congratulations to the teams!

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