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They're back, ready to get their two sands' worth in your business… and most of all, to give you a thrashing! Each year, you can find them by the spadeful – they're the Sändskates!

From now until August 12, the Sändskates are invading the idyllic beaches of Bilbiza. Yet again, you're going to have to summon up your courage (and a few sharp rakes) to stop La Mädrague!

On the program for this event:

  • A family of Sändskates to eradicate.
  • quest (accessible in Astrub, starting from level 10) leading you to the Märine Pälace (level-30 dungeon) to complete.
  • machine to find around Astrub.
  • As well as a level-50 archmonster to pulverize.

Do you have what it takes? If you're still not sure about taking the plunge, remember that there'll be weapons and sets to reward your efforts!

*The garderner of Bonta forgot to cut the plant on the way to the bottle. We contacted him but he is in the middle of the sea with some steamers looking for a very rare seaweed. Do not worry, he will be back next week !
The quest "Find the Bontarian message in a bottle" will be achievable next week.