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即日起至10月2日,在官网一次性充值水晶11000G(俄区10000G)以上,赠送埃努卓之神终结动画特效,该特效只有在持有者最后一下击杀BOSS 结束战斗时有非常低的概率触发 所有队友都能够观看到,此乃装X神器也。






There's an old saying that in every pack of Ogrines, there's an Enutrof taking forty winks. And just like all sayings, it's a little overexaggerated, but there's still some truth in it. As it happens, you'll find the Enutrof Finishing Move as a bonus in packs of 11,000 OG or more!

This Finishing Move is perfect for crossing the T(eeth) of even your most pugnacious enemies, making them come round to your way of thinking. And when it comes to the pugnacious type, Enutrofs are the first ones to get stuck in! So when it's the god Enutrof himself who answers the call… to arms, you can be sure that his final blow will be a fatal one!

So, get buying Ogrines and get the Enutrof Finishing Move from 11:00 AM CEST on Friday, September 29 until 11:59 PM on Monday, October 2, as a bonus gift in packs of 11,000 Ogrines or more!

Tempting? Then pick wisely!


  • The Finishing Move is linked to the account.
  • The promotion is available for the web Shop only.
  • Ogrine packs vary from country to country. The item appears in the purchase process before payment is confirmed.

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