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As anxiously awaited as that chubby old man with the beard who crams himself down your chimney once a year (didn't anyone ever teach this guy to open a door?), this year's Kwismas event is finally here! So what are you waiting fir? Quit pining away and come serve up some Kwismas punch!

Starting tomorrow and continuing through January 6, 2020, at 10 a.m. (Paris time), adventurers everywhere will be rockin' and sockin' around the Kwismas tree!

At the end of every fight and all throughout the World of Twelve, the monsters you defeat will drop Magic Kwismas Tree Seeds*. Plant them and you're sure to get some great gifts!

To thank you for doing your part for the environment, Father Kwismas will pay you a visit with an armful of gifts (what can we say, he's got huge arms):

  • over 15 different haven bag decorations,
  • 3 special titles,
  • lots of consumables,
  • 5 exclusive costumes,
  • the "Ring a Bell" emote (rare!),
  • and the "Monbow Tree" haven bag decoration.

It's a great way to spruce up your Kwismas season!

*You can also get them from the Kwismas Island machine in exchange for Father Kwismas tokens or wood collected from already-planted Kwismas trees.