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沃土圣诞礼物领取码: WAKWISMAS2017


If you were in the World of Twelve, you'd be decorating an Itzting. Your Snow Bow Meow would be lounging by the fire, while your mom stuffs the Dragoturkey. After opening your presents, we'd wish you a Merry Kwismas. The Krosmoz is not so different from real life after all!

As 2017 draws to a close, we wish you Happy Holidays and hope that you have a wonderful time with your friends and family. You might take advantage of the holidays to play our games. Or better yet! Maybe you'll find a wonderful present straight out of the Krosmoz under your tree…

In any case, everyone here at Ankama thanks you warmly for your loyalty, and hopes we've helped make the holidays a little more fun one way or another.

Father Kwismas has laid out a string of gifts for your favorite games. Use the following codes to redeem them!


  • GIFTS:
    • Mount Zinit is open to everyone until December 31!
    • Chocolate Fountain
    • Pretty Kwismas Tree
  • REDEEM:  https://www.wakfu.com/en/codes