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圣诞快乐!官方为大家准备了一份特殊的圣诞礼物——饼干人变身道具*10 (变成一块饼干人躺地上)

礼物兑换码:  WAKFUKWISMAS2018



Because Kwismas, like Christmas, rhymes with benevolence and kindness, we decided to offer you a gift code to thank you for your presence, not only today, but throughout the year!

The whole WAKFU team wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! We had another year full of surprises among you and we are so happy to have the chance to share our passion with such a community!

So thank you everyone!

And to celebrate, we would like to offer you this gift. To redeem the gift, be sure to use the code below before 11:30 PM CET 31/12:



Simply copy and paste this code on the Gift Code section of the website and celebrate Kwismas with us!