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You've been anxiously waiting for days, and now the Advent Calendar is on its way! Did you make at least one purchase during the year that just ended, or do you have an active Booster? If so, don't waste any time and try your luck now: there's 25 riddles to solve and 26 gifts to win!

Kwismas is fast approaching, but our overwhelming urge to spoil you seems even faster! The Advent Calendar is almost here again, and like every year, you're in for an avalanche of gifts to make you quiver with delight!

The idea behind the game is the same as before. You'll be asked riddles and if you answer them correctly (one per day), you win whatever's behind the corresponding square. This should tide you over before the big day, when little Father Kwismas descends from the sky bearing thousands of presents. Though he might come bearing coal, depending on how well-behaved you were this year…

You Krosmoz experts out there, those for whom the Brotherhood of the Tofu, Stasis, and the creatures and resources of the WAKFU universe hold no secrets, and who will therefore correctly solve all the riddles, will get an extra gift on December 25! If you have an active Booster on this date, you'll receive this 26th gift as well, even if you only answer the December 25 riddle.

See you on December 1st at 10 a.m. (GMT +1)!