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This year we've placed a little present underneath your Itzting! It's… Well, it looks like… You know… Yeah! It's like… But also… Nevermind, just go ahead and open it! Follow the instructions in the article below to get your present!


You're an outstanding adventurer. Your bravery is matched only by your generosity. Nothing will stop you. You readily take on the most perilous challenges. You rack up achievements, and when defeat seems inevitable, you accept it with grace and dignity. And to top it off, your hairstyle is always on point. Seriously, you're an example to many.

Seeing so many positive attributes, it's hard to resist the urge to treat you. It's like that itch you get after falling on an Itzting in the middle of a Kwismas dungeon. Oh, speaking of Kwismas… You know, just between us… Stuffing yourself with chestnut-stuffed Dragoturkey and making snowmen is all well and good, but let's be honest: what people like most about Descendre 25 is still the presents, right?

As it happens, it looks like we've got one for you… What could it be? We'll let you find out for yourself!

Getting your gift is easy as pumpkwin pie: visit the official WAKFU website, go to the Game tab, enter the code and then hit Confirm. The code is available until January 31, 2021, valid once per account and only for accounts that are over 3 days old.



What are you waiting for? Grab yours now!