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即日起至12月31日,进入官网领礼物界面输入:WAKFUKWISMAS2019   即可获得圣诞礼



As the old year winds down, and a new one awaits, young and old 'round the world gather to celebrate. We set out our fine silver and best china plates, Hang stockings, wrap presents, and stay up 'til late. As you count down the hours to that red-letter date, Have a gift code on us to enjoy while you wait!

We, the members of the WAKFU team, want to thank you for your loyalty, your encouragement, and all the passion you share with us for this game. In this special season, we hope you'll enjoy exploring some snowy settings, completing a few quests to help old Father Kwismas out, and maybe even getting all the way through the new Sadida Kingdom (if you haven't already!).

We wish you all a vewy mewwy Kwismas!

An extra-special thanks to the players taking part in the Wakalendar. Please take a moment to check out today's post and share your comments with us!

A Kwismas without a gift code would not be a real Kwismas, so take advantage of it now and until Tuesday, December 31 at 11:30 p.m .:


Copy and paste it in the GIFT CODE section and enjoy!

We also hear that another code will be hidden tomorrow in the Wakalendrier. We say that, we say nothing ... MERRY KWISMAS TO ALL!