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即日起至2020年12月31日,商城限时销售圣诞小车坐骑外观,售价4500水晶 账号绑定,不限坐骑


Soon enough, he'll be roaming the skies aboard his magnificent, unique sleigh that's packed with presents. His reindeer galloping across the starry night with all their grace and magic. And you'll look up at him, your heart filled with joy and excitement. But with jealousy too!

We've all wondered what it would be like to drive Father Kwismas's sleigh… Of course, old beardy won't let go of the reins – or the reindeer – that easily! But this year, he was more than willing to enlist his army of adorable Goblimps to craft you a replica, and it's virtually identical to his marvelous "celestial ship"!


The Kwismas Sleigh Skin is available in the shop today through Wednesday, December 30!