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What’s this colour everywhere? Bright lights, fantastical and fabulous baubles! And look! There’s white things in the air… are these snowflakes? What’s that? I swear I can hear music in the air… Huh? Kwismas World… hmm?


Roasting chestnuts by a fire, baked cookies that can only inspire!

Oh, look, tiny little things… dangling from electrical light strings!

All this fuss, for the world of Kwismas!

…I wonder what’s so special about it?

  • 2 Dungeons (Father Kwismas's Workshop and Father Kwismas's House)
  • 7 Titles
  • 9 Haven Bag decorations
  • 1 Kwismas Set
  • 5 Kwismassy Consumables
  • 3 Festive Fairyworks
  • 5 Achievements
  • 6 monsters: Comman Deer, Gift Packages 1 and 2, Belva Deer, Boobytrapped Package and Father Kwismas
  • As well as 5 costumes to win: Grumpy Elf, Happy Elf, Shy Elf and Crafty Elf, without forgetting the Grinch’s Costume!

From December 13 (10:00 AM server time) until January 9 (10:00 AM server time), a wondrous world filled with presents awaits you!

Put on your winter hat and scarf, wrap up warm and come on down to Kwismas World, a winter wonderland of joy and festivity!

And hey, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, Father Kwismas is still going to pound you into the dirt… or… rather, snow!