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For some, it's decorating the Kwismas Itzting. For others, it's preparing the Kwismas Eve feast. What about you? What part of this festive season brings you that special shiver of joy? The return of the Kwismas Mount Skin, perhaps? Well, you're in luck: They're available from now through December 26!

Whether it's to match your Abominable Snow Yiti pajamas, drive your neighbor mad with jealousy by outshining the ridiculous light display that took him all year to set up, or just because you have no consideration whatsoever for all the pointing and laughing your poor mount will have to endure (ah, it won't kill 'em): You know you can't resist these Kwismas Mount Skin!

Your Dragoturkey or Gobball is about to give Father Kwismas's sleigh a run for its money! To really confuse people, just put on a few pounds and practice chanting the "HO HO HO!" catchphrase of everybody's favorite fat bearded guy.

Available in the shop from now through December 26 (11:59 p.m. Paris time) for €3 or 3,000 ogrines.

And in keeping with the spirit of the season, the little Goblimps who run the shop have generously reduced the price of other mount skins by 30% for players with an active Booster Pack.