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This year, you'll not just be practicing your toe pick in the powder snow of Frigost. If you want to be buried under an avalanche of gifts, you'll also need to learn to reap what you sow! The Kwismas Event is back and it's full of new surprises…

It's here! The most magical time of the year is back at last! Aaaah, Kwismas… Its illuminations, songs, traditional Frigostian Log, its magic all in all… And most of all – MOST OF ALL – what interests you the most (admit it): its gifts!

This year, the Kwismas Event has been treated to a little makeover. From now until 10 a.m. (Paris time) on January 8, you can collect Magic Kwismas Tree Seeds at the end of fights with all monsters in the World of Twelve!* Who knows? Planting a few of them might make the famous old man himself appear, beard, belly, and all…

It'll be worth it, because as usual, Father Kwismas won't show up empty-handed (provided you've been good, of course…). See for yourselves! At the end of the event, you can win:

  • more than 15 different haven bag decorations,
  • 3 special titles,
  • many consumables,
  • 5 exclusive costumes!

There are two new additions to the rewards this year:

  • the "Ring a Bell" emote (rare!),
  • and the "Monbow Tree" haven bag decoration (brand new!).
"Monbow Tree" haven bag decoration

Let the festivities begin!

You can also get them from the Kwismas Island machine in exchange for Father Kwismas tokens or wood collected from already-planted Kwismas trees.