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Once again this year, despite the nasty colds and other discomforts of the season, Twelvians are looking over their four-leaf clovers at another great Saint Potrick celebration! Join us in Astrub from March 9 to 19 to honor Pandawa. Loads of great gifts await!

From March 9 10:00 AM (server time) to March 19 10:00 AM (server time), come and pay tribute to the goddess of drink! Saint Potrick is back, and it looks like the Pandawas aren't the only ones who have overdone it a bit on the fermented bamboo milk… You'll run into some totally partied-out Gobballs here and there, looking downright ridiculous. Celebrate Saint Potrick's by helping them to keep the party going! You could win the following rewards:

  • 1 costume
  • 2 bonus consumables: prospecting and wisdom
  • 2 cosmetic consumables: Potrick green coloring and Clover aura
  • 1 Fairywork
  • 1 Haven Bag decoration
  • 3 cosmetic items

So don't miss this chance to enjoy life where the grass is greener!