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If there's one holiday the Pandawas celebrate big time no matter what, whether wind, rain, snow or floods, this is it. Are you ready for Saint PotrickIt starts today!

In the 12th year, she entered the pantheon of the gods. Ever since, each year the Pandawas "make an effort" to commemorate this major that what was, basically, just for a minor goddess.

Ever since, water (and not only that) has flowed generously under the bridges, and the Pandawa goddess needs no longer prove her legitimacy!

Saint Potrick is an opportunity to hunt for a partner between drinks (or the inverse), but it's also a chance to hunt gobballs of a certain kind... Our poor little woolly creatures really have it rough. They've hardly had any time to recover from Saint Ballotwine and get their white fluff back (a dubious white, you have to admit) and now this new curse befalls them!

Are the excess shamrocks giving them that greenish look? Or is Leprecoor playing some sick joke? You couldn't care less. And it'll take more to move you and resist the urge to put them through the mill, right? We know you all too well...

In that case, log on today through Friday, March 20, at 10:00 AM (server time) to tease them and, perhaps, come away with some rewards...

12 of these can be obtained directly from monsters, but you can also obtain them from crafting and from the 5 achievements to be completed. Among them you'll find some consumables, the Saint Potrick Costume, the Saint Potrick Bucket or even the Leprecoor Helmet. Plenty to make your mouth water!

Good luck, everyone!