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Adventurers are known for always being in a hurry. With the clock running, there's no time to lose! And if you really must dash, you might as well do so with flair. In the same vein as the elemental packs that came out a few months ago, we're now offering 4 elemental runs*, sold individually or in a pack!

Think back to early this year. Remember we offered elemental packs to add a little kick to your adventuring? They contained a costume, a pet, and of course an emote, and these packs fueled your inner fire like nothing else. Come clean… You've been wanting to air your opinions, right? We keep overhearing things like, "They could've added a run, though!" Well, we sweated blood and water, and we've finally done it. After all, we'd move heaven and earth for you!
There are now 4 elemental runs available in the online WAKFU store!
Check them out below.