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2019 is in the line of fire so it's time to dip your toe in the water, build castles in the air, and make sure 2020 will be heaven on earth! But for that, you need a bit of renewal, too! Hurry and get our elemental packs! Sometimes all it takes is a tiny change to become a hero…

As the new year is about to start, everything seems possible once again. Errors of the past? Erased! A blank slate is yours for the taking, a chance to start over. But be careful! No pressure! Don't upset the entire api cart. What about starting with the little things? A new costume? A pet? And – let's go wild – an emote?

In that case, we can help! How? Elementary, my dear adventurers! We've cooked up a few packs to start the new year right:

Fire Pack:

  • Fire Emote (new)
  • Red Iop Costume
  • Dratathrosk

Air Pack:

  • Air Emote (new)
  • Nations Costume = Phoenix costume
  • Moofly

Water Pack:

  • Water Emote (new)
  • Water Festival Costume
  • Gobgob


Earth Pack

  • Earth Emote (new)
  • Natroyal Costume
  • Gold Scarafly


Elemental Pack:

  • Fire Emote (new)
  • Water Emote (new)
  • Air Emote (new)
  • Earth Emote (new)


Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, so you only have until 11:49 p.m. (Paris time) on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, to get these packs. The time to act on your New Year's resolutions is now!