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At the start of the year, elemental packs were introduced to freshen up your style. Then, we got you all fired up for elemental runs. Now that you're just about to come back down to earth, a wave of new items has just inundated your store: elemental costumes!

They say that clothes don't make the person. Or do they…? Regardless, you can tell a lot about someone from their costume! For example, if you saunter down the street wearing a Boowolf String, a Badgerox Scalp and a pair of Moogrr Boots, or simply a Jade Dynast costume, you will give off a different impression…

A fiery spirit, quick to anger; a daredevil unafraid to dive in head first; a dreamer with their head in the clouds; or an incontrovertible pragmatist with two feet firmly planted on the World of Twelve… The new elemental costumes are different from those included in the elemental packs at the start of the year and are waiting for you in the store!

Available individually or in packs!