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Pandawa parties are so good they're a real hit throughout the World of Twelve, with Twelvians ready to raise a glass whenever a frothy beverage is nearby! And the Shop is no exception because from September 21 to 24, it's offering you a 30% discount on your first cart!

With Septangel 18 being the Beer Festival, the weekend is going to be wild! There's no reason to limit things to just one day, though, or brewers won't have time to sell enough of their goods, to the distress of the goddess Pandawa. You wouldn't want to make her sad, would you? So party it up and when you've wet your whistle, it'll be time to fill your cart.

Because the party will keep going in the Shop! Until Monday, September 24 11:59 PM CEST, get 30% off the amount of your first shopping cart during that period when you pay for your purchase with Ogrines. Choose wisely to make the most of this exceptional discount!


  • Offer is valid only once, and for a single cart containing at least two items.
  • Important: Boosters and services are not part of this promotion.
  • The offer only applies to the web Shop.