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从2018年1月12日-1月15日 商城内的【consumables消耗品】分类全部打7折.包括各种悟性勘探采集药水,变身药水,幻化道具,刷塔门票等。  可惜转职卷不打折,另外那些315水晶的传送卷没用处的千万别买!


另外有个宠物抽奖盒子(盒子名字:Mystery Box Golden Bow Wow (IN GAME))也打了7折,折后价2450水晶一个,随机奖品包括勾爪机器人,史努福,棉球,豆芙,阿达龙,豆豆龙,黄金幼狼,超级饼干等(稀有度从左到右),请根据物价酌情购买。


From January 12 to 15, enjoy 30% off on all consumables! Now's the time to boost your character or simply discover certain items you haven't yet had the chance to try out. Don't miss out!

Despite the fact they're still full from the feasts of Kwismas and the Clockwork Ball, the Twelvians will be able to continue stuffing themselves! Potions, meats, as well as runes and scrolls: Get 30% off on all consumables from now until 11:59 PM CET on January 15!

At this time of year, Rojers, Katlestyn, Guigui, and Poupline put your dear adventurers' health under considerable strain. Respectively the Meridia of the Color Gray, the Lurgi, Shivers, and the Sense of Smell, they spare no warrior: not even the toughest ones! To help them get through winter unhindered, give them consumables that will boost them to their best!