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From January 30 to February 5 includedenjoy 30% off all consumables! Now's the time to boost your character or simply discover certain items you haven't yet had the chance to try out. Don't miss out!

Despite the fact they're still full from the feasts of thwee kings cake and to accompany stove yumday, the Twelvians will be able to continue stuffing themselves! Potions, meats, as well as runes and scrolls: Get 30% off all consumables from now until 11:59 PM (Paris time) on February 5! 

At this time of year, Lorf, TeskirfTolgnasRuevasMarkeEritem and Val put your dear adventurers' health under considerable strain. Respectively the Meridia of Touch, Coolness, Tears, Taste, Accuracy, Chilblains and Promises, they spare no warrior: not even the toughest ones! To help them get through winter unhindered, give them consumables that will boost them to their best!