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如果你持有WIP和勘探装备 再磕勘探药水,会有更可观的掉落收益



*从各国工会树处搜名字进入 工会名:paopaofly  生产采集满BUFF 领地无门,内有所有工具台供各位练生产/制造,其他工会的也能直接使用。

Following recent measures taken by governments worldwide, we've consulted the production teams for our main games – WAKFU, DOFUS and DOFUS Touch – to see what we can offer our players in the coming days and weeks to make your downtime more bearable.

Hi, everyone!

I'm Djinn, and like you, I'm stuck at home.

We apologize for the video quality – we had to improvise. You can hear the sound through my headphones, and I'm recording this video in my bedroom. Welcome!

Over the past few weeks, the French government has taken a series of strict actions to protect the entire population. These actions are intended to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the most vulnerable among us.

It's important to follow these recommendations very closely to help ensure everyone's well-being.

I'm happy to inform you that virtually all Ankama employees are currently working from home. Some are taking care of their children or their families. Our goal is to keep working in close to normal conditions.

As we adapt to this new way of working, you may encounter slower response times or issues that you don't usually experience. We ask for your understanding and patience; we're doing our best to keep you entertained in these difficult times.

We feel that entertainment is especially important right now, to make your time a little more pleasant during self-isolation. That's why we've consulted the production teams for our main games – WAKFU, DOFUS and DOFUS Touch – to see what we can do for our players in the coming days and weeks to make your downtime more bearable.

Let's start with DOFUS Touch. As you probably know, our Saint Potrick events are coming to a close. But starting next week, either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how much we can get done, we'll be offering a "happy hour" system that will give you bonuses in the evening. Our community manager, Nyom, will tell you more once we've finished setting things up.

In WAKFU, we'll be offering a double XP weekend from 4:00 PM on Friday to 11:59 PM on Sunday (server time). It will apply to both players in free-to-play and those using boosters. Then again, why would you be in free-to-play when we've sent out a code that gives you a free 7-day booster? You'll find the code in our previous video. It can be used for any account created more than three days ago.

The situation with DOFUS needs a bit more explanation. We've had a major influx of players in the past few days. Some of you have reported long waits or even the total inability to create new characters on Agride and Ilyzaelle.

Basically, we have reached the maximum possible number of players on these two servers. In order for a server to provide a good in-game experience, be stable and run smoothly, and in order for there to be enough mobs to fight and enough resources to collect, we need to limit the number of players. The limit has been increased in the past few days, but it's still not enough.

We encourage new players to join one of the other servers. To help us make a bit more room on these servers, we'll be offering you a discount for migrating from Ilyzaelle or Agride to other servers.

Bear in mind, though, that these migrations are permanent, so you shouldn't make this decision lightly. If you leave Ilyzaelle or Agride, you won't be able to come back.

We obviously considered offering you a double XP weekend on DOFUS 2, but in light of our overpopulation issue, we thought it would be better to wait until next week if the situation goes back to normal. We're studying other options to normalize the situation, and we'll keep you posted.

For DOFUS Retro, things are a bit simpler. We're happy to offer you a double XP weekend that will start this Friday at 4:00 PM (Paris time) and end on Monday morning. It's a great opportunity to level up a bit faster, and we hope you'll take advantage of it.

Before I wrap this up, I want to talk about Temporis. As you've already seen, we're doing what we can to keep you informed and entertained. We had huge plans for Temporis to create broadcasts and live streams throughout the event to support you and stay in contact with you. We're going forward with these plans, but Logan and I will have the pleasure of talking to you from our respective homes.

So please forgive us for the slightly improvised and amateurish feeling. In any case, our goal is also to continue our accessibility efforts, and Vivien will continue to provide translations in as many videos as possible.

Well, I guess that's everything. I hope you're doing well. I'll see you again soon. Be careful, and take care of your family, your friends and yourselves. Bye!