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即日起商城上架北欧礼包 售价3250水晶,包含北方时装*1,唤雷表情*1



You can't just pull on a sweater to ward off an enemy that sends shivers down your spine. The secret to navigating this tricky situation is to avoid freezing on the spot and to radiate the warm charisma you naturally possess. Not confident in your charisma radiating abilities? Don't worry, the Nordic Pack is here to give you a boost...

Brandish your sword, summon a lightning strike, and crush the most chilling monsters with the Nordic Pack!

The Nordic Costume cloak, made from genuine YeCh'Ti'Wawa fur, will make you look like a clan chief. The fur-lined boots will give you the poise and stability of the most unflinching warrior. And as for the helmet… well, it looks pretty cool, right?

Starting today and for the next two weeks, you can grab this pack, which includes a costume and Lightning Sword emote, from the WAKFU Shop for 3,250 ogrines or for real currency (until Wednesday, September 22 at 11:59 PM Paris time). After this date, the two items will be available individually and permanently for 2,500 ogrines for the costume and 2,000 ogrines for the emote.