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Kwismas is here, and anything is possible. Some see ghosts that lecture them; others see reindeer in the sky and presents under the Itzting. Equally mind-blowing, but not all that surprising, Sram has decided to steal the show from Kwismas legends by offering his own packfor one week.

Unable to stand talk of anything other than their divine selves, and always ready to surpass themselves when it comes to having more sub... sorry... disciples than the next god, the Ingloriam Twelve have pulled a new idea from their hats: For three weeks, three of them are going to offer divine packs glorifying themselves!


  • Great Sneak Costume
  • Sram Finisher*
  • Sram Haven Bag Kit
  • Crobak Pet
  • 7-day Hero Booster
  • 3 x Mineral Tower Tickets

From December 20 to 26 (at 11:59 PM CET), it's here, a bit of Sram as if blown from a blowpipe: the pack of the deadliest of the gods in the Shop for €15! 

The most roguish of gods couldn't let such an opportunity pass him by. He'd have killed to be one of the three chosen gods! That said, he kills at the drop of a hat, so... Sram pulls out his blade to cut the ribbon, the wrapping paper slips off... thus revealing what the Sram pack contains:

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